The Vietnam Red Cross and Viet Duc Hospital will work together in many aspects

31/10/2023 - 05:10

In the afternoon of November 9 2018, the representatives of Vietnam Red Cross worked with leaders of the Viet Duc Hospital to discuss the cooperation in the coming time between the two parties.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Tran Quoc Hung – Vice President of Vietnam Red Cross, Mr. Le Gia Tien – Head of Health Care – Head of National Steering Committee of the National Steering Committee. On the side of Viet Duc Hospital, there are Prof. Tran Binh Giang and other professional staff.

Photo of the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Tran Binh Giang introduced the general history of the hospitals formation and development, its functions as well as its coordination and coordination needs with the Vietnam Red Cross. At present, the hospital is receiving 96% of patients in the form of health insurance from remote areas (2017), most of which are poor families. However, in recent times there have been a lot of donations from social charities, supporting up to 1,200 cases of disadvantaged patients, providing charity meals. The social work is well done, every year they participate in many charitable activities.

Professor Trần Bình Giang

However, the need for hospital blood is extremely necessary. According to statistics for 1 year, the amount of blood need to use in the hospital about 60 thousand to 70 thousand units. Therefore, Prof. Tran Binh Giang wishes to have the cooperation to develop in the humanitarian field to serve the sick and the whole society together to help the sick in difficult circumstances.

Vice President Tran Quoc Hung said that Vietnam Red Cross mainly focuses on propaganda and mobilization of blood donation. In the development strategy of Vietnam Red Cross has set targets for the establishment of blood centers, fixed blood donation points. Therefore, the Red Cross wanted to coordinate better to form a blood center at Viet Duc Hospital. This is possible because the Red Cross has experience in advocacy, while at Viet Duc Hospital, the facilities and qualifications of doctors fully meet the needs.

Vice President of VNRC Tran Quoc Hung shared issues that can be coordinated with Viet Duc Hospital

In addition, the content of cooperation is also important to improve the capacity of injury prevention, first aid; In social work, building an electronic bank for humanitarian addresses is one of the projects being developed by the Red Cross. “Therefore, we wish to cooperate with Viet Duc Hospital to provide humanitarian addresses related to patients and upload them to Vietnam Red Crosss website, so that donors can help directly” said Dr. Tran Quoc Hung.

In addition, the issues of kitchens of love, beds, elderly care in the community, donor organs … can be cooperated from the two sides.

Mr. Tran Quoc Hung visited the facilities at the hospital

Vice President Tran Quoc Hung concluded that Vietnam Red Cross and the Viet Duc Hospital can be fully coordinated in the blood donation campaign, defining the humanitarian task, blood donation, blood center project at Viet Duc Hospital and social work, charity …

As scheduled, on December 11, the two sides will officially sign the coordination program.

Theo Đức Long (

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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