Spreading love from the “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims” Movement

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Lunar New Year is an occasion for people to visit relatives, worship ancestors and wish each other the best. The preparations for Tet holiday seem simple but for the poor, people in remote areas, it is really difficult when there is no sharing of the society.

From the practical need, at the meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross (December 1999), the Central Executive Committee of the Association launched the Movement “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims (hereinafter referred to as Movement). Up to now, the movement has been implemented extensively, becoming a traditional activity, achieving practical results, attracting the participation of many organizations and individuals and becoming the Movement of the whole nation when Tet comes, which was recognized and appreciated by the party committees, authorities and people.

For Quang Binh, the province often suffers from the impact of many types of natural disasters, besides, the legacy of the war is still there, where there are big number of the poor and the victims of Agent Orange so the implementation of the Movement has more practical meaning and more humanity.

By proactively and positively participating in all levels of the Association, although the economic situation in the past years still faces many difficulties, the annual movement is still maintained regularly. In recent years, the Movement has gained many remarkable results, namely, the period from 2009 to 2018, the Association levels have mobilized and supported 118,516 turns of poor and Agent Orange victims (an average of 11,000 people per year) with a total value of VND 32.6 billion.

Year of the Pig – 2019, with the high determination of all levels of the Association in the province and the attention and direction of the Party committees, authorities, timely and effective coordination of branches, units and groups, the movement has responded to the exciting implementation and achieved high results with the value of nearly VND 6.5 billion to help 16,501 families (reaching 150% of the Vietnam Red Cross HQs target).

In order to get the above results, all levels of the Association have actively advised the Party Committee level and the authorities issuing directing documents to promptly implement many effective mobilization models such as: Festival Green Rice Square Cake at Le Thuy district Red Cross, Dong Hoi city, Ba Don town, High School Vo Nguyen Giap; The Red Cross Associations in Quang Ninh, Tuyen Hoa and Bo Trach districts with the model of “Humanitarian singing festival” to raise funds, provide direct support and open letters to mobilize the countrymen in the province and people who work far away to return home for Tet; supporting free meals from the “Love Porridge Pot” Program and giving gifts to patients being treated at hospitals in Le Thuy, Quang Ninh, Ba Don, Minh Hoa, Dong Hoi and Quang Trach districts. Red Cross Branch of Quang Binh University, High School Vo Nguyen Giap and Medical Intermediate School presented gifts to disadvantaged students to study, … Through operation models, it is also an opportunity for the whole society to continue to show solidarity and kindness, to promote the humanitarian tradition of the nation.

Mr. Cao Trung Kien – Chairman of Lam Hoa Commune Peoples Committee, Tuyen Hoa district shared: “Lam Hoa commune has 272 households with 1146 inhabitants, the Ma Lieng people live in villages accounting for nearly 45% of the population of the commune. Although Party committees, local authorities and organizations have been very active in improving peoples lives, economic conditions still face many difficulties, especially on Tet and New Year occasion. The gifts from the “Tet for the Poor and Agent Orange Victims” Movement, supported by the Vietnam Red Cross, are acknowledged by local people and leaders of the Party and local authorities are also reassured because the people have having Tet ”.

It can be affirmed that the movement of “Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange” has been responded and implemented effectively by the Red Cross in the whole province. Although the material value is not big, the Movement has really brought a deep sense of encouragement to the poor, Agent Orange victims, and people in remote areas when Tet comes, Spring comes.

In order to further develop a movement of humanity and compassion in the whole province, it really becomes a humanitarian movement of the entire people, meeting the diverse needs of vulnerable people. In society, every Red Cross staff, member, youth, volunteer always affirms their responsibility, overcomes difficulties, continues to promote the achievements in planning, coordinating and organizing the effective implementation of the Movement with the motto: “All families have Tet, all people have Tet”, “Must do better to take care of the poor as a close relative, our responsibility is to “respond to the Emulation Movement”, no one is left behind. “

Minh Tuấn – Quảng Bình Red Cross Chapter

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa




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