Phu Tho: Organize medical examination and medicine for 300 people in Son Hung commune

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Phu Tho Provincial Red Cross in collaboration with the Provincial General Hospital organized free medical examination and treatment for 300 people in Son Hung commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province. The program is sponsored by Coca Cola Vietnam Ltd and Ha Trung Co., Phu Tho.

Attending the program were Mr. Bui Van Huan – Chairman of Phu Tho Red Cross Association, Mr. Dinh Xuan Diep – Secretary of Youth Union Central Vietnam Red Cross, Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh – Doctor, Head of Department of General Hospital of Phu Tho Province; representatives of the district Peoples Committee and Communist Youth Union of Thanh Son District, leaders of Party Committee – Peoples Committee of Son Hung Commune; The doctors and technicians of the provincial general hospital and the people in Son Hung commune.

Son Hung was heavily affected by floods in July, 70% of households in the commune were submerged, of which 40% were under water to the roof. Estimated total damage in the area nearly 260 billion VND. After 3 months, the consequences of natural disasters still affect the lives of people. Many houses still water, the walls of the school has fallen but not yet rebuilt. With these losses, authorities and the Red Cross at various levels have organized many meaningful activities to help people overcome the consequences.

On the day of free medical examination, 34 volunteer physicians from Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital were present at the Peoples Committee of Son Hung Commune together with medical equipment and medicines to serve the people. During the examination, doctors said that most people suffer from diseases such as spinal degeneration, hypertension and eye diseases.

Giving gifts and free medicine to the people at Son Hung Commune, Thanh Son District, Phu Tho

After the examination, doctors provided free medicine to 300 people. In addition, donors also donated gifts including shampoo, cooking oil, soft drinks. The total value of the program is over 213 million VND.

To encourage people in the commune to overcome difficulties, the Communist Youth Union of the Vietnam Red Cross in collaboration with the Phu Tho Red Cross also organized the Red Cross mobile booth within the Peoples Committees compound.

Ms. Nguyen Thi An, 55 years old, residing in Tam Son 1 happy to join the program with her children. She said: “Today I am happy. Recently visited the doctor, received medicine, received gifts, but also picked up more clothes for me and the children, children wear. I see the Red Cross mobile booth like this very meaningful, especially to the poor like us. “

Mr. Hoang Ngoc Trieu, 46 years old in Ngoc Son 2 was diagnosed by doctors with kidney stones. He did not hide his emotion: “My family is in remote areas and can not go to the provincial hospital so I go to the medical station when I get sick. Today, I was very pleased with the doctors treatment and with many modern medical equipment, the doctors prescribe and advised me very considerately.

This is a meaningful and practical activity to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Red Cross (23/11 / 1946- 23/11/2018) and the 52th anniversary of the establishment of Phu Tho Red Cross Chapter (24 November 1966 – 24/11/2018).

Cao Hiền (CTV)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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