Ninh Binh Red Cross: 225 trainees were trained on Red Cross knowledge

31/10/2023 - 05:10

In honor of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Red Cross, on 22 November, Ninh Binh Red Cross organized a professional training course on the Red Cross knowledge for 225 trainees, Red Cross staff in communes, wards, high schools, universities, colleges and branches in the city.

Practitioners register for tissue/body organ donation.

Participating in the training course, trainees were trained by trainers of Provincial Ninh Binh Red Cross with the most necessary and essential contents related to Red Cross activities and Red Cross Movement such as the organization system of Vietnam Red Cross; Law on Red Cross activities in Vietnam; The statute of the Vietnam Red Cross and some new changes in the Charter; The seven fundimental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; four prioritized areas in the Red Cross activities in the province; Fundraising, mobilizing resources; Introduction of typical models such as text messaging humanitarian fundraising, fund raising events, etc.; Community Health Care; donation of organs, voluntary blood donation, etc.

Especially, at the training course, Ninh Binh Red Cross launched a program of donation of organs and tissues and was delighted by the enthusiastic trainees, who spread the message “Given is forever”, the result has received 150 subscribers.

Through the training, Red Cross staff in the city were equipped with the knowledge, skills and professional skills of the organisation and the Red Cross-Red Crescent Movement; And applied creatively in organizing the implementation at the grassroots, contributing to development of the organisation more and more effectively.

                                                   Phùng Luyến

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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