Lee’s Sandwiches donates US$100,00 to support people affected by disasters in Central provinces of Vietnam

31/10/2023 - 05:10

Mrs. Tran Thi Hong An – Vice President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society receives donation from Lee’s Sandwiches

At the donation handover event, Mr. Tran Loc – General Director Assistant said that the Central region has suffered from historic storms and floods that damaged heavily people and assets. Due to this, Lee’s Sandwiches launched a campaign towards people in the Central region. Accordingly, the donation came from 50 percent of the company’s total sales of Lee’s Cà Phê Sữa Đá, Brewed Coffee, Roasted Coffee, or Lee’s Coffee retail products via in-store, to-go, or online orders. Besides, the company also received contributions from donors who are the company’s partners, employees. Within 2 weeks (from 3 to 18 November), Lee’s Sandwiches has raised US$100,000.

“It is an honor for being at the VNRC National Headquarters to give the money to the people of the Central region, with the desire to partially support people to overcome the consequences caused by disasters. Even though we live far from their homeland, the Vietnamese community in the US was always looking to the country and to the Central region to share the difficulties and losses of people affected by natural disasters and floods.” – Tran Loc said.

Previously, Lee’s Sandwiches has worked several times with the American Red Cross Society in fundraising campaigns to support people affected by the Japanese tsunami or the hurricane that hit Haiti (2016).

“Viet Nam. Red Cross Society is a professional non-profit organization, the donation has reached the people. Through the Red Cross Society, the company wants to transfer this money to restore schools in the Central region so that the children can go to school.” – Tran Loc also said. 

VNRC Vice President Tran Thi Hong An thanked all officers, employees, the staff of Lee’s Sandwiches, and individuals who have contributed to support people affected by disasters in Central provinces of Vietnam to overcome the difficulties. Furthermore, VNRC commits that all the donation will be delivered to target beneficiaries and upon their right needs, ensuring publicity and transparency.

Over the past years, VNRC has received donations from many domestic and foreign organizations, individuals, and businesses, which has raised over 100 billion VND for assisting to the Central provinces. In addition, the VNRC has deployed assessement teams as well as emergency relief missions to support the Central region with clean water and sanitation, organizing the medical examination, free medicine, shelter assistance, multipurpose cash assistance, and in progress with recovery and rehabilization assistance in the Central provinces of Viet Nam.

Especially, VNCR has recently implemented the program “School to school – Love connection”. In the first phase, 9 provinces affected by storms will be prioritized. Thus, forms of support include supporting teachers and students, building schools, providing school supplies, and supporting nutrition.

Khanh Chi

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