Joint effort to support disadvantaged children born with congenital heart desease

31/10/2023 - 05:10

From 25/9/2018, Vietnam Red Cross in collaboration with Vietnamese Heart Fund-Vietnam Television and National Humanitarian Information Portal (Portal 1400) organized “Heart for children” messaging program.

The program will last until 24/11/2018 with message: TTCE to 1408 (20.000 vietnamese dong per message).

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The objective of the program “Heart for children” is to assist advantaged children born with congenital heart desease under 16 years old by covering cost of heart intervention, surgery.

According to National Humanitarian Information Portal, since its start, the program has been mobilized 133,6 billions vietnamese dong from individuals, organizations to conduct heart surgery for children born with congenital heart desease; assisted 52.374 children in free congenital heart desease examination in 45 remote provinces all over the country; up to 12/2017, 4.012 poor children were assisted with heart surgery.

Prior to the above mentioned, in frame of “Heart for children” program, 05 messaging campaigns in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 in collaboration with Portal 1400 were conducted to mobilize over 18 billions vietnamese dong, assisting life of about 360 children born with congenital heart desease. The methodology of mobilizing support via message is very simple, easy for every one, therefore, the messaging program was highly appreciated and supported by vietnamese people nationwide.

The program is expected to raise 4 billions vietnamese dong to assist 100 heart surgeries.


Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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