Joining hands to take care of “Tet for the poor and the Agent Orange Victims” of Year of Pig 2019

31/10/2023 - 05:10

It has become a practice in every traditional Tet holiday of the nation, the Red Cross of Gia Lai province and the social and charitable mission team in and out of the province, giving love gifts for the poor with the motto “One hungry piece compared with a package when full “, to help them less worry about food on New Years day and also for the poor to feel the sharing is a precious tradition of thousands of our people each when Tet comes, spring comes.

At the gifts hand over ceremony responding to “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims – Piggy Year 2019” by Gia Lai Red Cross in coordination with the Vietnam Red Cross, Representative Office in the South and charity groups held in Mang Yang district, Gia Lai province, Mr. Tek, born in 1984, Agent Orange victim in De Kjeng village (Ayun commune – Mang Yang district, Gia Lai province) shared: “I was very touched by the hearts of benefactors. Although there are many difficulties, but I feel warm to the precious sharing of the family for the family. It is known that Mr. Teks father died who had participated in fighting in Kon Tum battlefield and was infected with Agent Orange, the situation of Mr. Teks family was very difficult.

Preparing to welcome Tet Lunar New Year together with Mr. Tek, thousands of policy families, Agent Orange victims, poor people in difficult circumstances receives sentiment, sharing, caring from the community with many practical activities such as Tet gifts, medical examination, free medicine supply, support for new construction and home repair … Mr. Ho Quang Hien, currently residing in Group 1 – Kon Dong town – Mang Yang district – province Gia Lai is a handicapped, due to traffic accident, recently received an “Red Cross” house saying emotionally: “The poor and disabled like us feel warm when every Tet coming, spring because of the care with the spirit of “Good leaves to cover the torn leaves” of the Red Cross at all levels, businesses, benefactors, this New Year I can live in my new warm and beautiful house. This is a valuable source of spiritual and material encouragement for the poor to continue to overcome difficulties and rise in life ”.

Gia Lai Red Cross handed over the new house to Mr. Ho Quang Hien

According to Mr. Cao Xuan Nam, Head of the Social Work Department, Vice Chairman of Gia Lai Red Cross Chapter: “So far, the implementation of “Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange” in Piggy Year Spring has also received enthusiastic response from units, organizations, individuals and businesses in and outside the province. All levels of the Red Cross have also developed plans to mobilize money and Tet goods and organized visits and gifts for the poor, near poor, Agent Orange victims, people with disabilities … striving to achieve at least 27,000 gifts according to targets of the Red Cross Chapter, worth over VND 10 billion. Up to now, all levels of Red Cross in the province have mobilized and organized over 10,000 gifts, worth nearly 5 billion VND ”.

This year, although many organizations, individuals, collectives and charities mobilize resources very hard due to the context of the general economic situation, but still pay attention and take care of poor families with difficult circumstances in the province such as Bao Son Pagoda (City of Pleiku) and the City Charity Department in Ho Chi Minh supports 500 gifts, each worth VND 300,000 including: rice, shrimp noodles and cash for 500 poor households in difficult circumstances in the area of ​​Ia Grai and Pleiku city, Khanh An Monastery Ho Chi Minh City donates 1,200 gifts with a total value of VND 600 million, Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross supports 4 “Red Cross” houses for 4 poor and difficult households in Chu district. Prong and Chu Pah. In the near future, Tan Binh Investment Import Export & Investment Service Joint Stock Company (Tanimex Company, Ho Chi Minh City) will provide medical examination and free medicine for 300 turns of people and give 500 gifts to fellow citizens poor and students in Krong Pa district, Vinpearl Joint Stock Company belongs to the Compassionate Fund – Vingroup Group supports Tet gifts to 4,000 poor people, Agent Orange victims, and handicapped people in Dak Lak districts Doa, Chu Pah, Chu Puh, Ia Grai and TP. Pleiku, Gia Lai province with a total value of nearly 3 billion, … Mr. Nam added.

Gia Lai Red Cross gives gifts to poor households in La Mo commune

The activities to take care of the Tet holiday have contributed to improving the quality of life for many poor households in the province, especially many families from temporary and dilapidated houses so far to have spacious houses. Stable living, economic development step by step. Good news, through the Campaign “Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange” launched by the Red Cross Vietnam, has promoted the tradition of uniting “to share the food and dress” whenever Tet and spring is coming.

Hồng Ngọc

(Gia Lai Red Cross Chapter)

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa

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