Humanitarian Month 2020 – “Together for community health”

31/10/2023 - 05:10

        Overview of the launching ceremony of "Humanitarian month" 2020. Photo: Đuc Long

The event was attended by Ms. Truong Thi Mai, Politburo member, Secretary of Party Central Committee (PCC) and Head of the PCC’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation, Mr. Bach Quoc Khanh, Director of the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. On the VNRC Central Committee’s side, there was the presence of Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, President of the VNRC Central Committee, Mr. Nguyen Hai Anh, Vice President, Secretary General of the VNRC HQs representatives from chapters and branches and the VNRC officials and staff.

Ms. Truong Thi Mai – Politburo member, Secretary of Party Central Committee (PCC) and Head of
the PCC’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation spoke at the launching ceremony. Photo:  Đuc Long

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, Ms. Truong Thi Mai, Politburo member, Secretary of Party Central Committee (PCC) and Head of the PCC’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation, highly appreciated the significant contributions made by the VNRC to humanitarian activities, contributing to helping millions of disadvantaged people overcome difficulties. She affirmed that over the past 70 years of establishment and development, the VNRC has developed strongly to become the largest humanitarian organization that always shows its companionship and presence in natural disasters, epidemics, helping the poor, the disabled, lonely people and orphans.

According to Ms. Truong Thi Mai, the Humanitarian Month which was launched by the VNRC in 2018 has gone through two years with different themes, helping thousands of people in need. Although the amount of money is not too big, it is the best things that the whole system of the VNRC levels in Vietnam can bring to the poor and the disadvantaged in society. Simultaneously, the VNRC has helped to connect benefactors with the community, encouraging disadvantaged people to overcome poverty and lead a better life. “Humanitarian Month 2020 under the theme “Joining hands for public health “once again demonstrates the nature of the VNRC which is its willingness regardless of distance. If anyone is in need, we are there.”, emphasized Ms. Truong Thi Mai.
The head of the Central Commission for People Mobilization Truong Thi Mai also asked the VNRC to successfully fulfill the noble mission and well implement Uncle Hos teaching: ” (the VNRC’s activities) Must come from the love for the people, need to contribute to protecting the health of the people and do everything we can to reduce their suffering … Do not be bossy, need to work for good deed, be always fair then make fewer mistakes. Should not favor the form, what is beneficial for the people, do it”; continues to be a reliable destination for the people from all walks of life as well as the overseas Vietnamese community to send their trust and share their contributions to the humanitarian activities.


                   President of Vietnam Red Cross launched the
         "Humanitarian month" 2020 with the theme "Joining hands for the community health"

Photo: Đức Long

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, President of the VNRC said that this is the third consecutive year that the VNRC has organized “Humanitarian Month” to implement the policy of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party. Along with the celebration of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day (May 8, 2020) under the theme “Whoever you are, whatever you need, we are here for you”, the humanitarian month takes place right on the occasion when the Party, the people celebrate the 130th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, the beloved leader of the Vietnamese nation – the founder and first Honorary President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society.

“Humanitarian Month” starts from May 1 to May 31st, peaking from May 8th  (International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day) to May 19th  (President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday).
Under the theme “Joining hands for the public health”, this years “Humanitarian Month” focuses on practical health care activities, such as propagandizing to raise peoples awareness about measures to prevent and control COVID-19 disease; participating in community support, implementing nationwide models of “Humanitarian markets”, supporting livelihoods for people in difficult circumstances affected by COVID-19 disease; promoting propaganda and advocacy to humanitarian blood donation in response to the campaign “Pink blood – Summer 2020” in combination with COVID-19 disease prevention and control; propagandizing, guiding and supporting the community to use clean water, sanitation, support to cope with drought, saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta region. The VNRC strives to support at least 100,000 people in difficult circumstances through the implementation of a new model of the Humanitarian Market, providing 100,000 free goods exchange coupons. It also aims to help needy people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, drought and saline intrusion as well as to build at least 130 humanitarian works, especially projects on public healthcare

In response to the Humanitarian Month 2020, the Central Committee of the VNRC issued a call on the Red Cross Societies at all levels to mobilize domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to support people in the affected areas. All levels of the VNRC have implemented many activities with a proactive and flexible spirit, in accordance with the situation of natural disasters, epidemics. The VNRC also has carried out many good and creative ways with the motto “For public health”. In just a short time, the VNRC has mobilized nearly 100 billion VND and all 63 provinces and cities deploy the “Humanitarian Month” with specific goals and contents. There have been 424 humanitarian works (roads, bridges, schools, red cross houses …) registered for implementation, in which there are 103 constructions at provincial level and 321 projects worth 22 billion VND at district level.

              Mr. Nguyen Hai Anh - Vice President, Secretary Gneral of VNRC HQs 
            welcomed the "Humanitarian Month 2020" of sponsors. Photo: Đuc Long

At the ceremony, the Central Committee of the VNRC launched a model of “Humanitarian Market” nationwide in response to the Humanitarian Month 2020. The Central Committee has supported 48 provinces and cities with the initial resource of VND 2.4 billion, the local Red Cross Societies mobile at least VND 10 billion.
The Central Committee gave assistance to 5 representative provinces and cities including: Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Phu Tho, Hai Duong. Each locality received 50 million VND to deploy the model “Humanitarian Market” to support the people experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 disease.

              The Vietnam Red Cross HQs awarded support for the implementation of 
   the "Humanitarian Market" to representatives of 5 provinces and cities. Photo: Duc Long

At this event, the Central Committee of the VNRC also organized the awarding of the writing contest “I volunteer” 2019 and launched the writing contest “I volunteered” 2020 in celebration of the Vietnam Red Cross Volunteer Day (May 8), launching the 2nd Television Report on humanitarian topics – 2020.

    Ms. Truong Thi Mai - Politburo member, Secretary of Party Central Committee (PCC) and 
        Head of the PCC’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation and Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu - 
     President of Vietnam Red Cross awarded the prize for the writing contest 
                           "I am volunteer " 2019. Photo: Duc Long

This morning, a series of community supporting activities were also organized such as the opening of “Humanitarian Market” at the location of Quang Trung Primary School, 39 Quang Trung Street (Hanoi), blood donation program in response to “Pink blood – Summer 2020” campaign and the Red Journey 2020, practically responding to the calling letter of General Secretary, President, Honorary President of the VNRC calling on compatriots, comrades and soldiers to volunteer to donate blood.
Up to now, responding to the “Humanitarian Month” 2020, through the Central Committee of the Vietnam Red Cross, there have been many organizations and businesses supporting community assistance activities with a total value of over 35 billion VND, typically International Association of Red Cross and Red Crescent, Sanofi-Aventis Vietnam Co., Ltd., Safoni Vietnam Joint Stock Company, AVIVA Vietnam Life Insurance Company Limited, Bao Co., Ltd. Sunlife Vietnam Life Insurance.

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