Hau Giang: The groundbreaking ceremony of charity bridges

31/10/2023 - 05:10

On January 31st, Hau Giang Red Cross Chapter started construction of Luong Tam bridge in Luong Tam commune and inaugurated the Ut Minh rural traffic bridge in Luong Nghia commune, Long My district (Hau Giang). Bridges are built in the joy and anticipation of the government and the entire local people.

Ut Minh Bridge was started construction in December 2018. After nearly 2 months of construction, the bridge was inaugurated and put into use. The bridge has a length of 12.5m and a width of 2.5m. The total cost of the project is 117 million VND funded by the Crytal family and Shelby Nguyen family with 100 million VND, the local and people of Luong Nghia commune contributed 17 million VND.

Mr. Danh Luong, a representative of the hamlet 11 of Luong Nghia commune, sent his gratitude to the donor for creating conditions for the people in the hamlet to travel more conveniently. Mr. Luong said: “The most difficult thing is that children often go to school and traffic often caused accidents, today we are very grateful to the Minh Tam charity group for their strong mobilization and sponsorship to build Ut Minh bridge so that people can travel more safely ”.

Cutting the ribbon inaugurating the Ut Minh rural traffic bridge in Luong Nghia commune, Long My district (Hau Giang)

On this occasion, the sponsor donated 125 gifts to poor people in Hamlet 11, Luong Nghia commune. Each gift worth 200,000 VND includes rice and other necessities for people in the days of Tet.

On the same day, Hau Giang Red Cross Chapter started construction of Luong Tam Bridge in Hamlet 4, Luong Tam Commune, Long My District (Hau Giang). The bridge crosses Vam Toma River with an estimated length of 30m, the total cost of building the bridge and the path is about VND 230 million due to the donation of the Tue Tam VH Charity Group (Ho Chi Minh City) and Toma Church.

Tue Tam VH Charity group is a collection of compassionate people, operating on the spirit of volunteerism, wanting to bring joy, sharing difficulties with local authorities, helping people in rural areas to have solid and safe concrete bridges for traveling. It is known that this is the 50th bridge that the Tue Tam VH Charity Group has mobilized to build within 3 years since the establishment of the group.

Hamlet 4 of Luong Tam commune has the largest area compared to other hamlets. People living along the Vam Toma River, to go back to the hamlet, they have to go a double distance road to reach a bridge across the river, many households have made their own unsafe vehicles. Facing those pressing difficulties, Luong Tam Bridge was officially built. The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of April 2019.

Thu Ba

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa


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