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In the Pandemic, Vietnam is known globally as a role model in preventing this pandemic by early, strong and effective prevention. Until now, the pandemic was basically prevented in Vietnam. The disease transmission rate in Vietnam is considered as the lowest in the world with 324 patients in 100 million citizens, no death was recorded. Vietnam are getting more and more compliments from a lot of countries around the world. The Diplomats Magazine posted an article about how surprisingly effective Vietnamese Government’s response to this pandemic

Together with doctors are army soldiers, policemen, civil defense and volunteers, which are considered as “Solid Steel Shield” in preventing the COVID 19 spreads out in the community. Upon Directive of Prime Minister come into effect, Quarantine stations at every province as well as a residential area where COVID-19 patients live were set up to block and check body temperature of people who come in those areas in 24/ 24 hours preventing infections to the community. There were many touching images such as Soldiers setting up camps in the forest for the isolated people; Nurse who unable to attend her mother’s funeral; Young soldier postponed his wedding day to join duty in combat with COVID 19 epidemic in border areas; volunteer students from medical school participated in the control and isolation for people returning at airports, border gate to help people in necessary activities, such as: Checking body temperature and cooking meals as well as delivering foods despite the advantages and infection.

It is also because of gathering the strength of the nation, humanity in the “pandemic” has been shown in various forms. Many touching images of sharing essential materials with isolated people, soldiers at the front of the epidemic, or the poor in society have multiplied and created a positive effect in society. Not only “Rice ATM” – A unique model, the exclusive way in the world providing free rice to support poor families who cannot afford their own meals, but also “Happy shops”, “0 dong shops”, “Humanitarian markets” and “Wild food restaurants” as well as “Lovely car trip”,… have been quickly set up at every corner throughout the nation. The Slogan is “Whoever brings them to share, who is hard to take away part”, a simple and close message but it’s the great way to call for humane act in society. Tons of rice, agricultural products and food have been mobilized to donate the poor, daily meals for the homeless people and others in the same condition. It’s not difficult to find out volunteers whose acts for the community in helping and taking care of those in need are deserved to be honored. The spirit “Those who possess more stable economic condition should help those who own a lower one” is responded nationally this time.

An honorable thing, good spirit is also from the community of Vietnamese who live in some other nations, such as Germany, USA, Russia, France and other countries did not mind the dangers of the disease, gathered resources and efforts to make masks an ready-to-eat food for physicians in hospitals to encourage them to overcome difficulties of the battle against the Covid-19 epidemic, where they come into contact with thousands of patients and some of them lost their lives is to be honored. The Vietnamese community abroad are willing to share difficulties with others in their community, they have a goodwill to support Vietnamese oversea students who are studying there, workers, tourists and others who couldn’t go back due to Governments decision, which is “Closing borders” and some Limitation Orders. In Vietnam, some offices, such as Government and Ministries and significant contribution from other organizations and individuals are supporting not only Vietnamese who are living abroad and also Healthcare sectors of countries infected by COVID-19. For instance: USA, Italy, Spain, China, France, Germany, Russia, India and some neighbors of Vietnam, including: Laos and Cambodia and Myanmar,… with tons of medical equipment in various kinds, including: Masks, gloves, medical protective equipment, disinfectant solution/ hand sanitary liquid, … have been generously donated by the Vietnamese Government, Vietnamese Red Cross, Society Friendship Associations and businesses to countries which need to be supported. All contributions of Vietnam to the prevention of the COVID 19 expressing the will and responsibility, international spirit of the Vietnamese Government and people to our friends in the World. The unlimited kindness of Vietnamese once again spread out even though this country is also struggling against the disease. It is true that in a difficult time, the Communism Party and the Government of Vietnam always care about people. Solidarity and responsibility to the international community are praised and highly appreciated internationally.

Not only that, Vietnamese people around the world, in every hard time can return to their homeland, even though the country is still poor, the fight against epidemics and economic development still faces many difficulties. Flights of Vietnam Airlines arrived at “Centers of the pandemic” picking up Vietnamese citizens. Afterwards, pilots and crews and attendants of those flights must be strictly isolated in 14 days under regulation. Especially, when knowing that Patient No. 91, 43 years old, a pilot of Vietnam Airlines is in a critical stage, only lung transplantation can save his life. Responding to this event, more than 60 Vietnamese have registered to donate their lungs, that’s is the noble gesture and proof for the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, the boundless tolerance of Vietnamese.

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