Binh Thuan Red Cross Branch: Training how to support people affected by COVID- 19.

31/10/2023 - 05:10

 A training on how to list and donated money share procedure to COVID- 19 beneficiaries for different RC Society’s was held by officers from RC Society of Vietnam

At the training, attendees were trained about additional component COVID- 19 Response Project with its main purpose to provide livelihood support to victims of COVID- 19 and the procedure of choosing appropriate beneficiaries and donating cash done by the third party, Financial Service Company and planning for project as well.   
Its steps included making list of beneficiaries whose livelihood affected by COVID- 19, marking from the top in priority, doing evaluation and paying them cash lastly.      

Representation of a trainee after training course

The support is for families whose livelihood is affected by COVID- 19 pandemic, have not been supported by the Government under the Resolution no. 42. Every family that their beloved are disabled and suffered from dangerous diseases and elderly people alone and quarantined and being pregnant and breastfeeding, their babies under one year of age will be in first priority to support.      
Leaving the course, base on criteria applies to beneficiaries of the Project, trained trainees will not only do their check, as well as selecingt seriously but also doing communication to their local well.  
The support for beneficiaries at Binh Thuan province this time is an Additional Component COVID- 19 Response Project granted by Swiss Red Cross (SRC) in a fruitful co-operation with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).   

By Thanh Nhan (CTV)


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