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Fields of Activity

7 fields of activities are clearly stated in the Law on Red Cross Activities of Vietnam, which includes: 

I. Emergency relief and humanitarian aid 
1. Red Cross activities in emergency relief are timely, on-site support, in spiritual or material terms, directly rendered to victims of war, natural disaster, disease, fire, traffic accidents and other disasters, incidents, which includes: 

a) Providing pecuniary, property support and assistance for overcoming initial difficulties; 
b) Providing spiritual encouragement, psychological support. 
2. Red Cross activities in humanitarian aid are spiritual and material support to the disabled, helpless elderly persons, orphans and others in extreme difficult situations, which includes: 
a) Providing assistance in cash, tools, labor force; 
b) Financing vocational training; creating jobs. 
c) Financing medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation. 
d) Providing other types of support. 
3. Emergency relief and humanitarian aid shall be carried out on the principle of prioritizing places and people in the most difficulty and are implemented as follows: 
a) In emergency relief situation, support and assistance in cash or in kind are provided immediately and rightly to the beneficiaries as mentioned in the Item 1 of this Article. 
b) In humanitarian assistance, the beneficaries who receive relief in cash or in kind, are selected based on the opened, democratic discussion of the community, with the certification of the commune/ward/town People Committee (hereafter called at the communal level) or welfare agency where they are being taken care of

II. Health care 

Red Cross activities in health care are activities that contribute to protecting and improving people’s health, involve in preventing and combating epidemics. These activities include: 
1) Propagating, disseminating knowledge of health care; mobilizing, guiding and assisting people in taking health care measures for themselves and the community; 
2) Deploying forces and providing training to members, volunteers to acquire knowledge, skills and methods necessary to carry out health care activities; 
3) Participating in disease prevention ; 
4) Organizing and establishing facilities for humanitarian medical examination, treatment as well as other types of mobile humanitarian medical examination and treatment in accordance with the Vietnamese legal regulations

III. First Aid

Red Cross activities relating to primary first aid are first aid activities in relation to victimes of war, natural disaster, fire, traffic accidents and other accidents, disasters, which include: 
a) Organizaing on-site first aid activities, bringing victims to the nearest medical facilities and giving notice to their relatives; families, institution where they are working for or People Committee at commune level where they are residents; 
b) Deploying forces and providing training to, fostering members, volunteers to acquire skills and methods necessary to carry out first aid activities; 
c) Establishing first aid points and stations in places where accidents often occur, and supplying first aid kits

IV. Blood, tissues and organs donation

  1. Red Cross activities relating to humanitarian blood donation are activities carried out to meet the demand of clean blood for the purpose of medical treatment, which include:                                    a) Propagating, mobilizing blood donation; 
    b) Organizing forces and facilities for blood donation; 
    c) Organizing blood donation ; 
    d) Collecting blood, blood products from institutions and individuals; 
    e) Coordinating with Ministry of health in checking, keeping blood in respecting blood and blood product technical process
  2. Red Cross activities relating to donation of tissues and organs are activities to propagate, mobilize the donation of tissues and organs for the purpose of medical treatment.

V. Restoring family links separated in wars and disasters 

Red Cross activities in tracing are activities carried out to provide information about relatives or to assist individuals and families to reunite or to meet each other where contacts have been lost due to war, natural hazards, disasters within and outside the country, which include: 
a) Propagating and providing information with respect to the purposes, signification and scope of Red Cross activities in tracing; 
b) Collecting, processing information and facilitating the exchange of information about relatives of individuals, families who are seeking information where regular communication channels are interrupted; 
c) Supporting, assisting individuals, families and their relatives in communicating and fulfilling necessary procedures for early family reunions for humanitarian reasons.

VI. Promotion of Humanitarian values

Red Cross activities in promoting humanitarian values are activities, which aim at enhancing awareness among institutions, individuals with the following contents : 
a) Goals, objectives of Red Cross activities; of the traditional humanity, human affection, Vietnamese people’s spirit of solidarity ; 
b) State Policies and legal regulations on Red Cross activities ; 
c) International humanitarian law, fundermental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and other international treaties on humanitarian activities that Vietnam is as a member to.

VII. Disaster Preparedness and Response

Red Cross activities on disasters preparedness and response are activities, which are contributing to mitigate disasters risks, reducing damage and losses in people and properties when disasters happen, with the following activities: 
a) Propagating, disseminating, training skills for Red Cross members, volunteers and people on disasters preparedness and response ; 
b) Organize forces, equipment, vehicles and other materials, facilities for participating to the disasters preparedness and response.

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