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Mr. Do Muoi, the Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam was one of the five Honorary Presidents of the Vietnam Red Cross Society.  After his seven years serving as the Honorary President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society from 1995 to 2001, Mr Do Muoi has still paid his special attention to humanitarian activities and given lots of love for Red Cross staffs, members, youth and volunteers.

The Vietnam Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization, established by the former State President Ho Chi Minh (23 November 1946) who were the first Honorary President of the Vietnam Red Cross Society for 23 years until he passed away. Since then, high-ranking Leaders of Vietnam have been elected to be Honorary Presidents of Vietnam Red Cross including the former Party Secretary General Do Muoi (1995-2001), former State President Tran Duc Luong (August 2001 – July 2012), former State President Truong Tan Sang (July 2012 – July 2017),  former State President Tran Dai Quang (July 2017 – September 2018).

Working at the Vietnam Red Cross Headquarters, I had chance to visit Mr Do Muoi annually. Every year, he asked us about our works and praised the achievements of Vietnam Red Cross. When we visited him on the occasion of the Tet holiday 2013, after listening about the results of the Program “Tet for the poor and Agent Orange Victims”, Mr Do Muoi was so pleased, he said, smiling:  “...I haven’t smiled happily like this for a couple of months as I do now as I ‘ve got to know the practical assistance that the Vietnam Red Cross has brought to the disadvantaged people through the program Tet for the poor, so that they can also enjoy Tet...”. Mr Do Muoi was a pleasant person with good sense of humor and always smiled receiving us. Mr Do Muoi usually gave us a firm pat on the shoulders whenever  he excitedly directed the Vietnam Red Cross’ activities and the Movement.

Mr Nguyen Hai Duong, the President of Vietnam Red Cross Society of IX tenure, Vietnam Red Cross’ staffs and singers visited Mr Do Muoi ‘s home and sang a Tet song

On 26 December of Lunar Calendar 2014, after finishing music performance, visiting and providing Tet gifts for the poor of ethnic group in Moc Chau district, Son La province, the Vietnam Red Cross’ delegation and two singers visited Mr Do Muoi ‘s home in order to report results of Tet program and sing him a song. How happy Mr Do Muoi was!

Mr Tran Ngoc Tang, the President of Vietnam Red Cross Society of VIII tenure (the man on the right) visited Mr Do Muoi

On the occasion of celebrating the Liberation Day of the South of Vietnam, the Vietnam Red Cross’ leadership paid a visit to Mr Do Muoi and reported Vietnam Red Cross’ activities and its typical programs/ projects such as “Cow bank” project implemented in the television game show “Golden Cowbells - Connecting the countryside” and the Program “Cow bank – Joining hands for poor districts and bordering communes for new countryside development”. He was really happy! During more than one hour, he kept asking passionately and expressed his thoughts about the Program “Golden Cowbells - Connecting the countryside” jointly implemented by Vietnam Red Cross Society and the VTV which touched the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people.

Mme Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, the President of Vietnam Red Cross Society of X tenure visited Mr Do Muoi

Mr Do Muoi said: “...All of you have done a very good job, made great efforts to implement the Golden Cowbells Program. I know it’s not easy, if not saying it’s difficult; to mobilize resources and organize the program because for every TV show each week, 6 pairs of cows must be handed over to poor households . While watching the show at home, I am so excited to see happy faces of the beneficiaries. My comrades and I have strived for the revolution with the purposes of the improved life of our people. Hence, not only sense of humanity but also political implications reflecting cares of the Party and State to the people was expressed via this program. It is what Uncle Ho taught us: “We must work to help the poor to have enough food, help those having enough food to become better-off families, help the better-off families even better, rich people even richer”. The Golden Cowbells show and Cow Bank Program have been implemented under the mechanism of mobilizing the rich and better-off to support the poor. Such a good program should be maintained for long term, 10 years or more, until there is no longer any poor person. I urge the Party and the State to reward the Vietnam Red Cross Society and those initiated the idea to conduct this meaningful program; I urge the mass media to widely communicate about these activities so that organizations, individuals and entire population will support and provide resources to conduct this program… ”

Mr Do Muoi donated for one pair of breeding cows for the Program "Cow bank – Joining hands for poor district and bordering communes for new countryside development”

The TV show was highly appreciated by Mr Do Muoi as he said it was organized in a creative, emotional way, full of sympathy for poor people. He said: “I haven’t ever seen such good program like the Golden Cowbells and Cow Bank program before, so I have never missed any show...”.

The close, warm and practical care and attention of Mr Do Muoi for humanitarian work have made a very strong impression on all off us, as Red Cross staffs.

Noted by Ph.D. Tran Quoc Hung, the Vice President of Vietnam Red Cross in the commemoration of Mr Do Muoi, the Honorary President of Vietnam Red Cross Society

Translated by Thanh Binh