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Support 1,239 households in Lai Chau and Ha Giang to stabilize their lives

Extensive flooding in June 2018 caused severe damage in the northern mountainous provinces in which Ha Giang province had 5 deaths, Lai Chau province had 25 deaths and missing and two provinces suffered financial losses of products and crops of over 530 billion VND.

In order to help people stabilize their lives, from August 2018 to February 2019, the Vietnam Red Cross implemented the project "Supporting people affected by floods in the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam” in Lang Mo and Can Co communes, Sin Ho district; Nam Can commune, Trung Dong commune (Tan Uyen district) of Lai Chau province; Cao Bo and Viet Lam communes, Vi Xuyen district (Ha Giang).

In order to ensure support for the right people and to use them for the right purpose and effectively, before implementing the project, the Vietnam Red Cross and local authorities organized 32 village meetings. The number of attendees at meetings was over 3,520 people.

Cash distribution points to support Lai Chau people to stabilize their lives

The Red Cross at all levels of 2 provinces of Lai Chau and Ha Giang have provided unconditional and conditional cash to 1,239 households (6,025 people, of which 2,863 women are 3,162). In particular, unconditional cash support for marginalized households, with a support of 500 thousand VND for households with 1 member; VND 1 million for households with 2 members and VND 1.5 million for households with 3 or more members. Conditional cash support for repairing houses of VND 15 million per household and building new houses of VND 50 million per household.

Mr. Lo Van Kem, Phieng Bay village, Nam Can commune, Tan Uyen district, Lai Chau province build new house from the project's support

Up to now, from the support of the project and reciprocal workdays, construction materials available locally, cash from households and relatives and land allocation by the local government, 24 households have built solid and safe houses. Households with cash support, especially poor households, near poor households and poor households, have a budget to buy food and necessities to stabilize their lives.

This year's disaster season, thanks to the support, many ethnic minority families have safe and secure houses.

Trần Thu Hương

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa