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Prioritize humanitarian activities that are sustainable for development

Over the past time, the Red Cross at all levels have done a good job of mobilizing resources with the participation and valuable cooperation of partners, businesses and donors. For humanitarian work to be more effective, more practical, leaders of VNRC Central Committee made recommendations, the next time the donor community should prioritize humanitarian activities of a sustainable development

What are the priorities that VNRC recommends to specific donor partners and communities? These are the issues that will be raised by the leaders of the VNRC at the Humanitarian Action Engagement Conference to be held on December 11th.

Maintaining and developing movements and projects that have been promoted effectively

We would like to point out that effective humanitarian programs and projects have been and will continue to be given priority in the coming time, which are:

The Campaign "Each organization, every individual to help a humanitarian address"

After 10 years of implementation of this campaign, the Association has surveyed and set up data of "humanitarian address" for: 1.321.217 beneficiaries, of which 1,066,907 were assisted (accounted for 80.6% the total number of "humanitarian addresses"), the remaining 255,000 "humanitarian addresses" are not yet supported.

Red Cross chapter Phu Tho province in support of the Humanitarian Address - Ms. Dang Thi Do at Xuan Huy Commune, Lam Thao District.

Therefore, VNRC is aiming to continue mobilizing agencies, organizations, enterprises, benefactors to support and sign up for the number of "humanitarian addresses" that have not been helped and the number of "humanitarian addresses" continues to be established in the coming years. Strictly strive for "humanitarian addresses" to receive appropriate assistance from the Association or through the association. The VNRC set up the Humanitarian Address Bank on the website to mobilize support at the humanitarian address.

Leaders of VNRC expect organizations and enterprises to participate in helping or mobilizing support to ensure that more than 95% of the addresses get help.

The campaign "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange"

Red Cross staff prepared square rice cake for the poor in flood-prone areas of Son La province  for Lunar New Year of 2018

The campaign "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange" (hereafter referred to as the Campaign) supported at least two thirds of poor households with the average assistance of 300,000 VND/1 gift.

The association has set an annual target of at least two thirds of poor households to receive gifts with an average of 500,000 VND per gift, with a target of at least 1.5 million VND Tet gifts each year.

To achieve this goal, organizations and enterprises need to contribute to the Tet gifts program, which is an average of 30 billion VND per year.

"Humanitarian Month"

In 2018, the first year VNRC organized the "Humanitarian Month" under the direction of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, has obtained initial encouraging results, however, the number of agencies, organizations and enterprises is not high, not meeting the direction of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee.

Walking program responds to "Humanitarian Month" 2018.
In response to the "Humanitarian Month", the Ha Nam Red Cross Chapter mobilized to hand over the Red Cross house in Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province.

Thus, the VNRC set the goal of "Humanitarian Month" to become a humanitarian day for humanity, which requires all levels, sectors, agencies and organizations to fully understand humanitarian activities and active participation in "Humanitarian Month" led by VNRC.

For this purpose, VNRC expects agencies, organizations and enterprises to coordinate with the Vietnam Red Cross to propagate about "Humanitarian Month" and actively register to participate in "Humanitarian Month" with the work, the appropriate scale such as direct assistance to beneficiaries, construction of humanitarian work ...

Developing projects on blood donation, tissue donation, human body parts and donation

At present, the amount of blood mobilized is increasing every year, meeting the needs of blood for emergency care and treatment of patients; Voluntary Blood Donation Volunteers are more and more diverse. However, the demand for blood, especially the rare blood group is very high, the awareness of people on blood donation is limited, the policy of human blood donation is inadequate.

Ninh Binh Red Cross organises parade propaganda about the registration of organ donation.

For donor tissues, human organs and donor organs, although there is a positive change in perception, the number of tissues and organs donated is still very low, meeting negligible needs of tissue, organs, cure for patients and the need for scientific research.

The goal of the program is to strive to mobilize enough blood for emergency care and treatment, ensuring an average of over 1.5% of the blood donation population. At the same time, successful integration of propaganda activities, blood donation campaign, donation of tissues, organs of human body and donation.

VNRC expects organizations and enterprises to coordinate activities to propagandize, mobilize blood donation, donate human organs in organizations and enterprises; At the same time, financial support for propaganda activities, mobilization of blood donation, donation of human organs.

Promote socialization

In addition, the Vietnam Red Cross also mobilizes communities to participate in humanitarian projects in the direction of socialization.

One of the most important projects is the prevention of injury and the development of a community-based first aid system.

The current situation is that each year, traffic accidents kill 10,000 people and more than 30,000 people with disabilities (25 people are killed each day and about 75 are disabled). Vietnamese children die from drowning 10 times higher than developed countries (average 3,500 children/year in recent years). As a result, traffic accidents and drowning every year take over 13,000 deaths.

The objective of the project is to contribute to improving the capacity of people to prevent injury and develop the community-based first aid system of the Viet Nam Red Cross, thereby contributing to the reduction of the death rate  and sequelae for victims affected by injury in all areas of social life, especially traffic accidents, drowning and accidents caused by natural disasters.

First aid drill in natural disasters in Hanoi

Specific proposals for cooperation and support that VNRC expects organizations and enterprises to participate in are quite diverse, such as: Building and publishing media publications; organizing events/communication campaigns on accident prevention, injury and first aid; Widely disseminate knowledge and skills of first aid to the people and the community; Develop a team of first aid emergency rescuers are more numerous; In addition, cooperation to set up the system of Red Cross first aid stations, contributing to reduce the risk of loss of life for people.

Red Cross staff provides first aid training for students

Another project is community-based disaster management. At present, awareness of the people in general about natural disasters, disaster and community building safety is limited; Building safety community model is still confusing. Communities face many risks of natural disasters and catastrophes without active prevention measures. It requires the participation of governments, organizations, including the VNRC - a pioneering and experienced organization in this field.

VNRC expects organizations and businesses to support 10 safe community models in 10 different areas, step by step expand and transfer this model. In addition, it is necessary to support the maintenance and development of a Disaster Response Team, in which 30% of the Red Cross's existing teams being developed into teams of the Red Cross and the Government combination

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Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa