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Lam Dong: Blood donation movement has achieved impressive results

In 2004, Lam Dong province started to set up a Steering Committee for voluntary blood donation. At that time, the operation still faced many difficulties, from the awareness to the customs and not being supported, even many people even said or gave the wrong and anti-scientific news so the number of blood units mobilized is very low, only from 600 to 1,000 units per year. The blood donation movement also stopped at cities and centers in some districts.

The provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation has instructed the local Red Cross levels to expand the area of voluntary blood donation. This has brought into play the role of the commune steering committee, on the other hand, many people are aware of the blood donation movement and another advantage is that it is convenient for blood donors not to go far away and ensure health after donating blood.

Blood donations attracted many participants

The Red Cross association also regularly organizes training courses on fostering knowledge and skills on voluntary blood donation, in addition to the initiatives of staff at all levels and in combination with information dissemination in various forms such as: bar - television; Newspaper, fecebook, Email, texting by phone, leaflets, banners, speakers, contests for knowledge ... Many localities have enlisted and consulted with leaders of the party and government, mass organizations and religious dignitaries who are prestigious in the community to participate in blood donation, set an example for people to follow. Many local leaders and religious dignitaries have directly participated in voluntary blood donation, with the chairpersons of the district People's Committee being honored for the typical national blood donors.

The provincial blood donation festivals are all associated with topics such as: Red drops of flowers city; Red Sunday; Red Rose Lang Biang; Red Valentine drops (Valentine's Day); Red drops for mother; Red drops for babies; Red drop of transporters ... etc. Lam Dong is one of 5 provinces that continuously implement the Red Journey Program - Connecting Vietnamese Blood.

The festival of blood donation "Next generation" of Dam Rong district

Mr. Do Hoang Tuan, Chairman of Lam Dong Red Cross Chapter - Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation said: “With these measures, it helped the voluntary blood donation movement of the province achieved encouraging results, with 82 blood donations in 2018 receiving nearly 15,000 blood units. In addition to serving emergency and treatment of patients in the province, Lam Dong also supported blood for the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City when the blood is in lack.”

 Trần Thu Hương

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa