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Hanoi Red Cross inaugurated Coc Lu bridge in Ha Giang

Buong village and Son Thanh village, Huong Son commune, Quang Binh district, Ha Giang province have more than 300 households living, of which mainly Tay, Dao and Mong people. Every day, they had to walk through Luong stream to go to school. The dry season is less dangerous, in rainy season, water level is high and the flow is very fast and dangerous to the lives of passersby, especially the students still have to go to school every day. Without the bridge, the transportation of goods and agricultural products of the people is also very difficult. Many households want to sell rice and corn to cover their living but it is difficult to move out to the commune center to sell ...

Construction ceremony of Coc Lu bridge across Buong and Son Thanh villages

Through the introduction of the Ha Giang Red Cross Chapter, Hanoi Red Cross mobilized the Thanh Xuan District Red Cross, Thanh Cong Cooperative, HRShare community and staff and members of the district to support VND 200 million to build the bridge.

Hand-over of Coc Lu Bridge

The new concrete bridge will help people move safely

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Dang Thi Sang - Vice Chairman of Huong Son Commune People's Committee shared: “The concrete bridge is a long-term wish of the locality. Now this bridge will be more convenient for people in daily activities, the harvest of agricultural products will ensure time, the students will not have to quit school when the flood comes. Thank you to the Red Cross Society and the donors for their interest in helping the people here. ”

Trần Thu Hương

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa