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Handover ceremony for No Trang Long Primary School (Dak Lak)

On March 21, 2019, the Dak Lak Red Cross Chapter cooperated with the Ho Chi Minh City Charity Women's Association to hand over the construction of the school yard at No Trang Long Primary School, in the village of EBung, and Ea Tieu commune Cu Kuin district (Dak Lak).

Representative of Red Cross awarded Certificate of Merit to Ho Chi Minh City Women's Charity Association.

In 2018, the Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Association supported 01 drilled well, 01 sanitation project including 4 rooms in the Buon Ebung branch, No Trang Long Primary School - Ea Tieu commune with a total budget of VND 137 million. However, because the mobilization is not enough, the school grounds are still not concrete and still have the ground, so the influence of the students' activities and play is still significant. Especially in the rainy season, the school gate is very muddy, there is no drainage gate, the stagnant water and waste in front of the school yard in the rainy season often occur, causing difficulties in traveling for students . In early 2019, the provincial Red Cross Association continued to call on organizations and individuals to mobilize funding and the Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Association to continue funding to concrete cement on Ebung wholesale brand campus, No Trang Long Primary School with a total area of ​​800m2, worth over VND 153 million. Up to now, the Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Association in Ho Chi Minh City has funded construction at the Edung wholesale branch, No Trang Luong Primary School with a total budget of nearly VND 300 million.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Doan Le Huong - President of Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Association affirmed: With the sponsorship of this meaningful project, the Association wishes teachers and students at No Trang Long Primary School. There will be spacious facilities, favorable teaching and learning conditions to continue to achieve the best achievements in the local teaching and learning movement.

Donors take souvenir photos with teachers and school students.

On behalf of local leaders, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thong - Vice Chairperson of Ea Tieu Commune People's Committee, Cu Kuin District expressed her deep gratitude for the sentiments and sentiments that the Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Association in Ho Chi Minh City Minh has dedicated to the cause of education and local people. She hopes that in the coming time, the Association will continue to support and give more affection to the people in Cu Kuin district in particular and Dak Lak province in general.

The school's board of directors, Ms. Phan Thi Ngoc Lan - Principal of No Trang Luong Primary School, and Ede wholesale branch also expressed their gratitude for the beautiful heart of the Ho Chi Minh Charity Women's Assocaiton for her and the school. She said that after many years of working and studying on the basis of school on difficult physical conditions, not yet reaching the standard of education, now she and her school have been taught and studied in a very spacious and clean school. This will be a motivation for teachers and students to strive for better teaching and learning. “I promise to work together with the board of administrators, teachers and students to preserve and protect the building so that the school will remain sustainable, meeting the expectation of sponsors and the attention and support of the local leaders”, Ms. Phan Thi Ngoc Lan committed.

H Bát Êban

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa