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The total operation value of Vietnam Red Cross in 2018 reached VND 4,420 billion, assisting over 20.6 million people

On 11 January 2019, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Red Cross organized a Review conference of staff, employees, workers and summed up the work in 2018, discussing the direction and the key tasks of 2019 .

In 2018, all staff, employees and workers of the Vietnam Red Cross have made efforts to carry out the key tasks. Highlights are the Power of Humanity Program; Humanitarian Month; Summarizing 10 years of the movement "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange"; Summarizing 10 years of voluntary blood donation movement; The 5th Red Cross Volunteer and Youth Camp; The first Humanitarian Promotion Conference was organized for the first time among 3 agencies with high results; The total value of the Association's activities in 2018 reached VND 4,420 billion, assisting over 20.6 million turns of disadvantaged people.

As the first year, the Vietnam Red Cross organized the "Humanitarian Month" and became the peak month for all people to do humanitarian work. After a month of pilot implementation, the Association levels supported 626,108 turns of people with especially difficult circumstances with a value of 243 billion VND 450 million. The Association successfully organized the 5th National Red Cross Volunteer and Youth Camp in Can Tho City and the Conference of Humanitarian Promotion in 2018. Thereby strengthening, expanding and developing the system of volunteers and partnerships with domestic and international organizations and enterprises; calling for the participation and companion of partners in humanitarian activities. Especially, implementing programs, projects and priority projects on social security of the Government, Vietnam Red Cross in coordination with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union of Organizations Friendship Vietnam held a Humanitarian Promotion Conference. At the Conference, 13 domestic and foreign organizations, units and businesses supported and committed to support directly with a total value of over VND 185 billion.

Disaster prevention and response work of the Vietnam Red Cross, in the last 5 years, has been implemented effectively with 60/63 provinces and cities having backup funds / Emergency relief fund and fund. humanitarian aid and goods ... worth over VND 56 billion, 467/500 trainers are in the areas of disaster prevention, response and cleanup. 453 communes conducted the assessment of vulnerability and ability, 601 wards and communes conducted community-based disaster risk management training for key local leaders, 692 risk reduction projects have been implemented in communities and schools, 341 communes and wards have been equipped with disaster prevention and response equipments and 795 supported with water and sanitation facilities, taking care and maintaining nearly 9,000 ha of mangrove and protection forest/dyke protection forests; 61/63 provinces where Red Cross participated as members of the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue; 57/63 provinces and cities where Red Cross joined the local Traffic Safety Board

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Xuan Thu, President of the Vietnam Red Cross awarded 02 Vice Presidents, Mrs. Tran Thi Hong An (right) and Mr. Tran Quoc Hung (left)

The leaders of Vietnam Red Cross awarded individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements in 2018

Summarizing 10 years of the movement "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange", in the period of 2009-2018, the Association mobilized and donated over VND 6,128 billion (average VND 611 billion / year) and support over 16.9 million turns of poor households and Agent Orange victims. Especially, in 2015, the Movement reached 1.97 million Tet gifts, worth VND 719 billion, confirmed as the Vietnam Record on "The number of Tet gifts given to the poorest people". The Central Association was honored to receive the Third-class Labor Medal, the noble reward of the Party and the State; The Prime Minister awarded Merit 6 collectives; The Central Association has commended and rewarded 15 collectives, 20 individuals inside and outside the Association for their practical contributions in implementing and implementing the typical movement of "Movement for the poor and victims of Agent Orange." Spring 2018, was successfully organized by all levels of the Association with impressive results. The Association mobilized and organized over 2.77 million gifts (worth over VND 1,285 billion) for poor people to enjoy happy New Year. Association levels also awarded 902 houses, 951 breeding cows, 392 savings books, 146,459 people who were given free health examination and counseling ...

At the Conference, staff, employees and workers discussed actively the solution to implement the Association's 2019 tasks. All staff and employees of the Vietnam Red Cross agreed on policy: "Promoting democracy, building solidarity, creating an open, reliable, effective and thorough working atmosphere. the Association will continue to implement administrative reforms, strengthen information technology to manage and operate activities, improve the quality and effectiveness of advisory work and organize the implementation of tasks" .

With the results achieved in 2018, the Vietnam Red Cross praised 9 collectives for the title of Excellent Labor Organization; 2 individuals achieved the title of Ministerial and Sectoral emulation soldiers; 14 individuals achieved the title of grassroots emulation soldiers; 126 individuals earned the title of Advanced Labor. The Association awarded certificates of merit to 9 collectives and 20 individuals with outstanding achievements in 2018.

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa