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General Secretary, State President H.E Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, Honorary President of the Vietnam Red Cross: Beautifying the compassionate tradition of the nation

In the night of 13 January 2019, at Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace, General Secretary, State President H.E Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, Honorary President of Vietnam Red Cross, attended and spoke at the "Power of Humanity 2019" program.

With the theme "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange" Spring of the Year 2019, the program was organized by the Vietnam Red Cross to call for units, individuals and compassionate hearts all over the country, join hands to support the poor, disadvantaged to welcome a happy Spring and celebrate Tet holiday.

BBT, would like to introduce the full text of the speech of General Secretary and State President H.E Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong at the Program:

“Comrades, delegates and distinguished guests,
Dear all compatriots, comrades,

In the joyful and warm atmosphere of the early days of 2019, today I am very happy to attend the "Power of Humanity" Program organized by the Vietnam Red Cross - a very meaningful event. First of all, I would like to be on behalf of the leaders of the Party and the State, to the delegates, distinguished guests and all of my comrades, warmly greetings, words of kindness and best wishes.

As we all know, humanitarianism is always a precious tradition of our people, passed down from generation to generation. Humanity is a virtue that shows love, respect and protection of people; is a support for people with material, spiritual, health and intellect for those less fortunate in society; is an indicator, a measure of civilization and social progress. The value of humanity is the value of human morality, of love, respect and protection of people, the value of sympathy, sharing, caring, cherishing and promoting human dignity. .

In the Ho Chi Minh era, that humanitarian value was strongly multiplied at a new height; and Uncle Ho - the immense leader of the nation, is an exemplary example. In his great treasure of thought, humanitarian thought is always a red thread throughout, a guideline for all our thoughts and actions.

He often said: "What works for the people, even if it is small, tries to do it"; "It must be derived from the love of the people eager to contribute to the protection of people's health and to do everything possible to reduce their suffering." Do anything, he thinks of people, always put the happiness of the people, the prosperity of the nation as the ultimate goal.

In that meaningful humanitarian work, the Vietnam Red Cross plays a very important role. It is no coincidence that since 1946 Uncle Ho founded the Vietnam Red Cross and he was the first Honorary President of the Association from 1946 to 1969.

We are very proud to inherit and promote that kindness and humanity tradition, and after more than 70 years of foundation and development, the Vietnam Red Cross has now become a specialized humanitarian organization, attachment and harmony in people's lives with nearly 8.5 million staff, members, volunteers and Red Cross youths, operating at more than 17,000 grassroots associations.

In recent years, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, political and social organizations, mass organizations, including the Vietnam Red Cross have made many organizational and operational innovations and contributions, be active and practical in promoting people's mastery, responding to and well implementing guidelines and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the State, socio-economic development, taking care of material and spiritual life of the people. Just for example, our country's "Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction" Program is evaluated by the United Nations as "world-class success".

Today, in the "Power of Humanity" Program organized by the Vietnam Red Cross, we instill in Ho Chi Minh humanitarian thought to look back on the important contributions of the whole Party, the people and the agencies and organizations to take care of the poor, disadvantaged and unfortunate people in the past year, and launch a humanitarian activity season of the new year with the spirit of "Red Cross - For everyone , everywhere "," All for the poor, vulnerable people in society ".

I appreciate the Vietnam Red Cross initiative to organize the annual "Power of Humanity" event for that good purpose. On this occasion, I warmly welcome and thank the important contributions of the Red Cross staff, members, volunteers and youths, the contributions of all levels, sectors and agencies, organizations, businesses, philanthropists and the people of all walks of life for humanitarian and red cross activities in the past years, thus millions of people with difficult circumstances have struggled to overcome difficulties. up in life; And thanks to that, the humanitarian values are increasingly spreading, which has become an indispensable beauty in community life.

Dear fellow citizens, comrades, distinguished guests,

In 2019 and the coming years, our country is facing many opportunities and opportunities for international development and integration; At the same time, there are also many difficulties and challenges. Our country still has a part of the poor, the disadvantaged, the unlucky and vulnerable, concentrating mainly in mountainous, rural, remote areas, areas often affected affected by natural disasters and floods.

Our Party and State continue to synchronously implement economic and social solutions to gradually improve the lives of the people, help the poor, people with disabilities, Agent Orange victims and those who have been in difficult situations to integrate into life.

In that career, it is indispensable for the role of community and society. On the occasion of the "Power of Humanity" today and responding to the "New Year for the Poor and Victims of Agent Orange" Movement launched by the Vietnam Red Cross, I call on agencies and organizations. officials, businesses, benefactors and people from all walks of life with the Vietnam Red Cross join forces with the Party and the State, helping more effectively than the poor and disadvantaged people in society .

The Vietnam Red Cross will continue to be a reliable address for people from all walks of life and the Vietnamese overseas community to trust and share their contributions in humanitarian activities, contributing to more beautiful humanity of our regime, the human traditions of our people.

Dear fellow citizens, comrades, distinguished guests,

We are in the final moments of the Year of Dog "Mau Tuat" and prepare to welcome a new spring - Year of Pig is approaching. I cordially send to fellow citizens, comrades, international guests and all staff, members, volunteers, Red Cross youth in the country, businesses, benefactors inside and outside the country the best feelings and greetings for the New Year. Wishing the 2019 "Power of Humanity" Program and the "New Year for the Poor and Agent Orange Victims" campaign in the Spring of the Year of 2019 a success.

Thanh you for your attention”.

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa