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Effect from the movement "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange"

The movement of "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange" launched by Vietnam Red Cross has been implemented for 20 years now. With practical results, the movement has become a beauty in social life, supported by the people, recognized and appreciated by the Party and the State. In the past years, the movement has been widely deployed by all levels of Red Cross in the province, attracting the people of all strata to actively participate in and achieve many good results ...

Widespread Launching

Promoting the effectiveness of the movement in previous years, the "Tet for the Poor and Agent Orange victims" movement of the Year of Pig 2019 continued to be widely deployed to all levels of the Red Cross Association. Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of the Red Cross of Binh Duong province, said that on the basis of the plan, the Association has assigned specific targets on the number of beneficiaries, the amount of money and goods for the District, town and city Red Cross Association. Since then, the districts, towns and city Red Cross association have launched the movement, sent mobilization letters to support the movement to agencies, units, companies, enterprises, enterprises, charities inside and outside the province calling for participation.

Awarding the Red Cross houses to disadvantaged households in Binh Duong province during the Lunar New Year in 2019

Many districts, towns and city Red Cross sent open letters, directly mobilizing enterprises and religious organizations to mobilize and support the movement; mobilize members, volunteers and people to participate in the texting message "TET" to 1409; mobilizing staff, civil servants, employees and workers of agencies to support one day's salary; coordinate the organization of art programs, walking companion to raise funds; placing humanitarian fund boxes in supermarkets and banks; mobilizing to set up Red Cross associations in places with more favorable conditions to help disadvantaged areas ... "Besides, we also coordinated with the media agencies in the province to promote dissemination, encourage movement, mobilize Red Cross staff, members, volunteers, youth and people to take care of the poor and Agent Orange victims during the Lunar New Year. With the efforts of the whole Association and the active participation of individuals, organizations and movements, remarkable results were received ... " said Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh.

Positive results

According to the evaluation of the Red Cross of Binh Duong province, many districts and towns carried out the movement with high efficiency and with a dynamic, creative and high mobilization value. Typically, Red Cross of Di An Town mobilized and presented 9,190 gifts, Red Cross of Tan Uyen Town mobilized and presented 7,603 gifts, Red Cross of Thuan An Town mobilized and donated 7,350 gifts and Red Cross of Ben Cat Town mobilized and donated 6,268 gifts. Especially, in some districts and towns, although economic conditions are still difficult, the Association at all levels have made great efforts in propagating and mobilizing organizations and individuals inside and outside the district to participate in the movement to achieve high results, such as: Dau Tieng, Phu Giao ...

From the efforts of the associations and the results, the province mobilized individuals, organizations and businesses to support the 2019 movement with the amount of VND 22.7 billion. Since then, 8 Red Cross houses have been newly built for households with special difficulties in Dau Tieng district and Ben Cat town and Tan Uyen town, each worth over VND 80 million; All levels of the Association also offered 59,631 gifts to support poor families and victims of Agent Orange, each gift worth from VND 300,000 to VND 1 million. Ms. Nguyen Thi Le Trinh, Chairwoman of the Red Cross of Binh Duong province, said: “Although the production and business situation is still difficult, many organizations, businesses and benefactors have accompanied the Red Cross Association as well as localities in implementing the movement. In 2019, the movement attracted 704 enterprises to support resources for the Association to carry out the movement (1.2 times higher than in 2018).

Visit and give gifts to the poor in Binh Duong province

The experience that the Binh Duong Red Cross Association implemented effectively the movement is to strengthen the inspection, guidance and urge the implementation of the movement at the grassroots level. The movement "Tet for the poor and victims of Agent Orange" not only obtained good values ​​in terms of material, social meaning, humanitarian experience, but also created a new maturity step about the linking and coordinating among forces, social mobilization capacity in humanitarian activities, creating a new mechanism, new ways of working, with synchronous and highly effective coordination between the Binh Duong provincial Red Cross and the Party, government, Fatherland Front, agencies, unions, businesses, benefactors in the province. Promoting the achieved results, Binh Duong Red Cross at all levels continues to prepare all aspects to well implement the Movement in 2020, contributing to the implementation of social security policies in Binh Duong province. .

Tấn Phong

Translated by Nguyen Vinh Hoa